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Examples of What We've Done


New Soluble Coffee Plant
A large South East Asian company contracted with a Stratecon associate to design and build a process for the spray dry-agglomeration of instant coffee powder. The process, to be affixed to an existing manufacturing facility until a new facility is built will be one of the most modern and efficient plants in the world.
Advice to Management
One of our clients is a rising manager at the Director level, who is assisted on an on-going basis, with strategic initiatives, reviews of employee candidates, reviews of reports to management, and by our serving as a sounding board for a wide variety of management and career issues.
Supply Chain Management
A Stratecon associate developed a supplier certification program for a government agency that improved the quality and safety of ground beef that was purchased for the national school food lunch program. Using the principles of six sigma and statistical process control, this program reduced the acquisition costs by 20%. In addition, the associate negotiated the widening of customer specifications to meet the supplier's process capabilities while meeting or exceeding final consumer sensory expectations.
Food Safety Management System
Two Stratecon associates have been part of the US delegation of the ISO committee that developed ISO 22000, the gold benchmark for food safety management systems. The associates provide assistance to companies that are implementing FSMS that meet GFSI requirements.
European Food Additive Regulation
A small European food additive company was anxious to extend the range of food products in which their ingredient could be used. However, they realized that their ingredient had not been included in pending, pan-European draft legislation as an approved additive. Stratecon associates successfully argued, on technical grounds, to individual Member states of the European Union. The additive was subsequently included in the draft legislation.
Ingredient Market Research
Stratecon associates were asked by an international food ingredient manufacturer to identify the market potential for an "up-and-coming" nutraceutical (functional) food ingredient. An in-depth market research survey identified critical competitive advantages, selling points, opportunities for product improvement, and a market positioning strategy for the ingredient's introduction into US markets.
New Ingredient Reality Check
A Stratecon associate was engaged to provide the client with a preliminary market assessment for the introduction of a nutritionally beneficial oil ingredient that recently obtained GRAS approval. Stratecon organized a two-day creative session with the client's key marketing and technical employees to design promotional materials, customer contact strategies, and address contingencies. The outcome was a reconfigured, more timely, and more comprehensive ingredient introduction strategy.
Technology Search
Four Stratecon associates and a Japanese resource conducted a worldwide search for unpublished ingredient and process technologies, in a specific food sector, for a major company with international interests.
Cost Savings
Four Stratecon associates assisted a multinational food processing company by suggesting ingredient and process modification ideas, each of which had huge cost saving implications.
Food Safety Education
As part of a USAID project, a Stratecon associate conducted educational programs in food safety, sanitation and GMP compliance in North Africa. The program was targeted at bringing food standards up to those in the United States as a preliminary step to developing a memorandum of understanding.
Product Protection
In Europe, Stratecon associates have a successful track record in protecting many companies' products against pending changes in regulations and ensuring that they are defined in law, by acting as an accepted intermediary between companies and officials.
Market Research
Two Stratecon associates conducted market research for a US company in order to introduce their products in several South American countries. The project included information on food legislation and all necessary information to assess the business opportunity.
Technology Commercialization
A new cheese technology with food-ingredient potential was developed for a university. A Stratecon associate repositioned the technology, conducted market research, valued the technology, designed and executed a licensing program to the cheese industry.
International Multilevel Training
An international ingredient company wanted to boost the technical know-how of its global sales force. A Stratecon associate created a customized, multi-level training program giving the salespeople - who were mainly non-technical - a thorough grounding in the applications of the company's products. The course is now in use in four continents.


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